Mission 4

Mission 3

Throughout Aiden's diagnosis I kept saying that when he was feeling better I would start a nonprofit to help children that were very young and battling cancer. When Aiden passed I made this my own personal mission and am so pleased we can help provide comfort items to young kids who are in a battle for their lives.Aiden was the light of my life and we were hardly ever apart. As a single mom I was with Aiden almost all the time, we were pretty much inseparable. After he was diagnosed with Cancer that became even more true as I never left him except to take a shower. We stayed in hospital beds together and  he slept in my bed because he was always so sick. Even when he was sick from chemo or trying to learn to stand on a fractured leg he was still always so happy and smiling, he loved balloons and bubbles and would dance anytime there was music.

Before we found out about his Cancer he was just like any other baby. He was always hungry, loved to explore, and enjoyed having bookie time where grandma would sit and read to him. When he started to crawl there was no stopping him even though he would only use one arm when he moved, we later found out he had a tumor in the arm he wasn’t using. Then he started having fevers all the time and the pediatricians kept blaming it on the flu, a milk intolerance, and a rash. He couldn’t stand well and had a hard time with balance but he tried so hard. He looked like a little buddha but I started noticing his belly was only growing on one side. That is when I took him to immediate care and then the ER. I knew something was really wrong and it wasn’t just a virus like the pediatricians kept saying. Aiden was diagnosed with stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma in June 2015 and started chemo on his 1st birthday.

We spent almost an entire month in the hospital the first time he was admitted but he still found ways to be happy and enjoy it. He faced surgeries, broken bones, stem cell transplant, countless transfusions and so much more. On Dec 11 2015 Aiden went into septic shock and passed the following morning. I now have created a nonprofit in his honor to help other kids his age feel some type of happiness, however brief, while they are facing this battle. We provide young kids with the things that kept Aiden happy and seemed to provide him with comfort when he was in pain; balloons, bubbles, a lullaby pet, and a wubbanub. A child under 2 should not have to face such a horrible battle and they certainly should not pass away because of it. My sweet angel Aiden will always be in my heart. He touched so many people’s lives as we shared his journey and through this nonprofit he is continuing to make an impact on others.

CURRENT TOTALS (As of 6/11/21)

Care Packages: 113   Cards and Crafts: 172

Holiday Beads: 103  Toy Drives: 5   Pajama Drives: 4 (+ 1 going on right now)

Money towards Research: $3,317   Head Shaves/St.Baldrick's Fundraising Events: 4

Cure Fests: 2 and 1 virtual    Lighting Events:4

To provide care bags filled with comfort items to children under two who are battling cancer or other long term illnesses requiring hospitalization. To provide cards and yellow ribbon beads to any child with cancer.

To raise money to put towards research of new drugs and treatments for pediatric cancers. To raise awareness for pediatric cancers and the lack of funding and research surrounding them.

Mission 1

How We Got Started

Mission 2

To provide toys, pajamas, and books to children's hospitals and the kids who are there far too often. This will be done through annual drives and donated to hospitals close to our hearts.

To never give up and to always remember those who we have lost to this battle, who have battled, or are currently fighting cancer with everything their little bodies have.

Aiden's Army